Special Events Insurance - A Buyer's Guide

Special Events Insurance is used to cover everything from a child's birthday party in the park to the Superbowl half-time show, and literally countless thousands of other events lasting from a few hours to a few weeks. Special Events Insurance is a term for a type of insurance that varies wildly in scope, but often refers only to limited liability coverage for injury or damage occurring during an event. It is an insurance product that particularly lends itself to misrepresentation and outright fraud because it is at times bought in a last minute, frantic rush to meet venue requirements, with little attention to insurer identity, actual policy content, or the broker offering it. Event producers may be so hopelessly preoccupied that they find themselves within a day or two of an event, only to be reminded (or told for the first time) by the venue about this little detail. Venue owners can and will refuse to permit an event, absent the required insurance certificate. If you find yourself in this situation, read fast . . .

What it Costs  .    .    .   Common Venue Requirements
BEWARE the fine print and frauds.
Exclusions - What's not covered.
Where to Buy
Read your quote carefully.
Liquor Liability
Rented Props or Equipment
Damage to the Venue - "Third Party Property Damage"
Sports & Tournaments
Why your Homeowner's policy may - or may not - already provide some insurance.
Vehicles used for Special Events
Rides and Amusement Devices
Special Event Cancellation Insurance;    Prize Indemnification

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