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Liquor Liability


Liquor liability is difficult to describe in much detail, as the legal concept may vary considerably from state to state.  Generally, injury or damage caused by an intoxicated person which can be connected to a particular provider of alcoholic beverages to that person may result in a cause of action targeting the seller-server-provider of alcohol.  Some states have specific statutes which deal with the issue, while others have evolved responsibilities over time via common tort liability evolution.

Liquor liability is generally divided into two broad categories, one being "Host" liquor liability, the other ordinary Liquor Liability or Liquor Legal Liability.  Much depends on your individual state's judicial environment, however as a very general matter, "Host" liquor liability refers to the serving of alcoholic beverages socially without a charge of any kind. (And you must otherwise have no regular connection to the selling or serving of alcoholic beverages.)

The liability of any party who engages in the sale or serving of alcoholic beverages is generally referred to as Liquor Liability or Liquor Legal Liability.

Some event policies include "Host" liquor liability in their basic rate, while others may exclude all liquor liability, and offer it as an option. If there will be alcohol at your event, ask specifically what is covered.  

If you are having a caterer or some other party serving or selling liquor, you may be able to have them cover you as an additional insured for this exposure, but careful evaluation of their insurance is essential.


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