Special Events Insurance

Why your Homeowner's policy may - or may not - already provide some insurance.

Most common homeowner's insurance policies cover your liability for personal, non-business activities at home or away, generally anywhere in the U.S.  Therefore, private social events such as weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, graduation parties, etc. would have coverage, subject to whatever exclusions, limitations or conditions individual carriers may have inserted.  If you are having such an event & considering whether to purchase additional insurance, contact your personal insurance agent and ask.

Although your homeowner's insurance policy may actually include an ordinary private social event, getting the insurer to comply with a venue's demands for a certificate, additional insured endorsement or other modifications often proves impossible.  It is unfortunate that the majority of personal insurance carriers simply have made no provision to offer endorsements or documentation to satisfy venues. This then means you end up duplicating insurance already provided, solely in order to provide a certificate or other documentation to a venue. The same situation also typically prevails when you have a personal umbrella.

The moment you introduce any type of admission charge or profit-seeking component to your event, most homeowner's insurance ordinarily would invoke business exclusions of some type.

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