Special Events Insurance

Exclusions - What's not covered

This is a list which is limited only by the underwriters' imaginations, which is to say it is essentially endless. Some - and only some of the more common exclusions seen in special events insurance are:

Vendors (Your liability for acts of Photographers, caterers, entertainers, etc.) These policies usually much cheaper.
Liability for injuries to vendors.
Rides or mechanical or other amusement devices
Assault & battery (fights)
Liquor Liability - Host or Liquor Legal Liability (May be available as an option)
Autos - Vehicles (May be available as an option)
Workers' comp-employer's liability (Rarely available as an option & often hard to find.)   Anyone providing services to your event may attempt to collect benefits from you. For details, see http://www.insuranceoracle.com/ServiceProvidersPage.htm
Liability for injury to participants in sports or other contests/activities (May be available as an option)
Intellectual property liabilities
Damage to the venue (May be available as an option)
Loss of revenue or expenses due to event cancellation (May be available as an option)
Rented props, equipment, etc. (May be available as an option)
Courtesy Medical Payments
Pyrotechnics (fireworks)
Professional liability/errors & omissions
Abuse or molestation
Stunts or racing
Overnight camping
Contractual Liability (Assumed liability.)
Collapse of temporary structures (Seating, Props, Rigging, etc.)



If any of these items would be an issue in your event, be sure to ask.

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